selection title
@ Flying Seed by Yang Bor-lin
@ My Mother Depelang by Pan A-chun
@ Wheels (II) by Chen Ting-shih
@ Love and Resentment by Tu Wen-hsi
@ Screw Goat by Liu Ting-tsan
@ The Rhino by Chang Ming-fa
@ Balance by Chang Ming-fa
@ A Journey to Green Island (6) by Wang Hsin-feng
@ Forest Mountain and Field by Ni Tsai-chin
@ Dazzle by Li Jiun-yang
@ Twelve Chinese Zodiac by Hong Yi
@ Nirvana by Tsai Chih-hsien
@ Recollections by Chen Ching-jung
@ Wind of the South Island by Huang Ming-chang
@ Grandmothers by Chang Chin-fa
@ Painting 7102 by Lee Chau-chin
@ A Kuomingtang Soldier by Valialane
@ Flower Floating on Water by Lai Mei-hua
@ Avalokitesvara by Li Chen
@ A Ra Se by Tu Wen-hsi
@ Pa Sa Gau by Tu Wen-hsi
@ Feather (I) by Siki
@ Going Home: Stones for Crossing River by Sakuliu Pavavalung
@ Going Home: On the Way in the Woods by Sakuliu Pavavalung
@ Fishing at Night by Sakuliu Pavavalung
@ Rubbing a Wooden Stick to Make Fire by Sakuliu Pavavalung
@ My Family (Series of Portraits ) by Pa Chin-fa
@ Dream Lover by Lin Li-hua
@ The Dragon on the Wall No. 1 by Hsu Tzu-kuei
@ The Dragon on the Wall No. 2 by Hsu Tzu-kuei
@ The Dragon on the Wall No. 3 by Hsu Tzu-kuei
@ The Dragon on the Wall No. 4 by Hsu Tzu-kuei
@ The Dragon on the Wall No. 5 by Hsu Tzu-kuei
@ The Dragon on the Wall No. 6 by Hsu Tzu-kuei
@ Lian-jiao by Hsu Yuan-fu
@ Animal Nature, Human Nature and Divine Nature by Kao Tsan-hsing
@ A Couple by Kao Fu-tsun
@ Sports Series-9 by Pu Tien-shen
@ Sports Series-10 by Pu Tien-shen
@ Autumn Scenery with Reeds by Chang Wen-te
@ Bitan (Green Lake) on a Cloudy Day by Ma Pai-sui
@ A Distant Village by Peng Hsien-hsiang
@ Verdant Landscape with a Bridge (Yongkang) by Hou Li-jen
@ Landscape with the Greens by Pan Hsin-hua
@ Sharing Hunting Results by Yaguyaguts Aerozangan
@ This Is My Son Who I Love by Anli Lai
@ An Artist's Love and Desire by Liu I-lan
@ Church in Kaohsiung by Chang Wan-chuan
@ Tamsui Landscape by Chang Wan-chuan
@ Amberfish by Chang Wan-chuan
@ Red Fish by Chang Wan-chuan
@ Rising Wind by Huang Tsai-sung
@ Series of Black and White (14) by Mi-li-tsun Nan
@ Several Decades Like One Day by Richard Lin Show Yu